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Relatives and Connections of Dean Blackmar Krafft

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This is the extended family of Dean Blackmar Krafft. It includes ancestors, descendants, collaterals, people related by marriage, and some that can only be called remote connections.

As is usually the case with genealogical databases, early entries were made without proper sources being provided. Some of those entries are from family notes, others from Ancestral File. I have recently significantly trimmed out unsourced information, and I am going through and cleaning up as I can.

As is also frequently the case, I have gone through several genealogy databases. This results in sometimes peculiar presentation of information, including very non-grammatical sentences. With over 3000 people in the database, this will take some time to clean up. I'll also apologize for the state of some of the places, and the places index. I decided it was worth including, even though it needs significant cleanup.

I am working to provide proper sourcing and documentation for all the facts, lines, and individuals represented here. I certainly welcome any corrections, and I am happy to share whatever information I have on the people included here.

Key to Icons: Relationship icons are used to indicate the relationship of the individual to Dean Blackmar Krafft or Catherine Sue Hauser (Bargar). Special status icons are used to indicate unique qualities of individuals:

— Dean's direct ancestor

— Dean's collateral (aunt, uncle, or cousin)

— Dean's relation by marriage

— Cathy's direct ancestor

— Cathy's collateral (aunt, uncle, or cousin)

— Came on the Mayflower

— Immigrant to America

— Revolutionary War Veteran

— Veteran of the War of 1812

— Civil War Veteran

— Royal Descent Immigrant, or a King or Queen

Dean Blackmar Krafft
316 Turner Place, Ithaca, NY 14850

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